How to Influence Change in the EHR and/or Health IT Systems

 Do you see ways that the EHR and/or Health IT system could be improved to help you with your documentation and/or care delivery but are not sure how that could happen?  


Do you have an interest in getting involved in health IT and/or informatics but are not sure how to make a first step? 

If either of these sound of interest, this program is for you. We created this on-demand program to walk you through ten steps that will guide you through how to influence change in the EHR and/or other health IT systems. 

What you will Learn

One of the most common questions we are often asked is, "how can I as a nurse impact how we document and use the electronic health record (EHR)? or other health IT systems."

This program will deliver applicable knowledge and skills through 10 concise lessons to help you take steps to improve the documentation and EHR experience. 

This program is right for you if...


  • You see ways in which using the health IT tools, including the EHR, can be done better but are not sure how, 

  • You are looking for ways to advance your nursing leadership skills and have an interest in health IT and informatics, 

  • You are interested in breaking into nursing informatics and health IT but do not know how to start, or

  •  You are curious as to how to make a difference and this program appeals to your interests in doing so within nursing and healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Influence Change in the EHR and/or Health IT Systems


Top features

  • An Introduction to health IT and Informatics change processes
  • Easy to follow on demand program  
  • 10 short lessons with action steps at the end of each lesson
  •  Expert instructor with 18 years of experience designing, building, and implementing EHRs and IT systems 
  • Bonuses for future programs